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About the site

The Arts is a website made by 2 young coders. It was created on July 14, 2017. The coders love making this website and will update constantly.T his site includes tutorials on playing instruments, singing tips, acting tips, dancing tutorials, how to code, experiments, and arts and crafts. Read the About the Pages section to find out what page will give the information you need. Feel free to contact us any time through the contact page. Thank you for supporting our site! It means a lot to us!


Lila's Thanks

First, I would like to thank Neocites, for having an amazing website that Soha and I can code on. Next, I would like to thank jferr26, a Scratch user, for posting the ukulele tuner thank me and Soha's website uses on the Instruments page. Also, thank you to HTML Comment Box for creating the comment box that is at the bottom of a lot of pages on The Arts, including this one! I would also like to thank my family for supporting me so much! My next thank you is for Soha. She is my amazing partner on this website and if I didn't have her working with me on this website, it would definitely not be the website that it is today! Finally, I would like to thank YOU for visiting my website!

Soha's Thanks

I would like to thank Lila, for being an awesome coder, and an awesome friend. I would also like to thank my family for encouraging me t

Our Sites Goals

Thank you for getting us to 4,000 views! We are very happy and are finally getting to put the update in! We've put in one update, comment boxes. We will put in the second update, videos, ASAP. Our next goal for our site is to get 6,000 views. Also, please start contacting us and commenting! We need your suggestions and other cool things for our site! Thanks!

About the Pages

In this section we will tell you what each page contains! You can read these to see which page you can find the information you need.

About Us

The About Us page has 2 links, one links to the Lila Page and the other links to the Soha Page. You can find more information on the coders here.


On the Instruments page, you can find how to play many instruments such as keyboard and ukulele.

Arts and Crafts

On this page, you will find many crafts you can do at home including posters about you and colorful hands!


Since Lila and Soha both love to sing, they created a singing page with tips and tricks on singing.


Lila and Soha have recently created an acting page! You will find tips and tricks on acting on this page soon! More content coming!


Lila and Soha have recently created a dancing page! There will be dances that you can learn, tips, tricks, and lists of great songs to dance to soon!


The Coding Page shows you how to code using HTML, CSS, and more with simple steps. On this page, you will find that coding is not that hard!


On the Experiments Page, you will find some awesome experiments such as fluffy slime

Arts and Crafts

On this page, you will find many crafts you can do at home including posters about you and colorful hands!


On the Galleries Page, you will see creations that fans of our website have made.


Lila and Soha have taken down the quotes page. We are sorry!

News and Updates

The News and Updates Page is so you can see what’s going on and what is coming next.


On the Contact Page, you can send us emails with your projects attached and we will put them on the Galleries Page. We will display your name only if you write in your email what name you want displayed.

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